Sport, adventure and physical activity is a crucial component in developing RAF personnel into a world-leading fighting force. But for participants to excel and reach their potential, they must participate in an environment focused on the athletes themselves. The RAF Sports Federation is central to providing that environment.



RAF Power Kiting
Squadron Leader Gareth Thomas

“Power Kiting is an exciting and adrenaline filled sport that demands discipline, focus and confidence. Our aim is to increase participation, enhance safety and provide world-class novice and advanced instruction so others can benefit too. To do that we need time and resource, that’s where the RAF Sports Federation helps. Its support in managing our finances allows us to concentrate on the sport itself. The Federation do everything from end of year accounts to negotiating our insurance renewals and a lot in between. By using their expertise, our members really can focus on their development and being the best kitesurfer they can be.”

RAF Rugby Referees
Group Captain Mike Priestley

“As a rugby referee for over 20 years, I understand the value and impact of good officiating. Players learn much about themselves and their sport from the official in the middle. Well trained officials improve the quality of sporting competitiveness and in turn develop skills of leadership and management that improve their performance in the workplace. Having a fund delivered by the RAF Sports Federation and RAF Charitable Trust is a fantastic tool to keep officiating levels high. In RAF Rugby Referees, we have sourced funding to help ensure our referees can progress to the next level. This has helped us to grow the sport and ensure our competitors reach the best they can be…in sport and in life.”

RAF Motorsport
Corporal William Runciman

“The RAFMSA has been active since 1961 and encourages participants to take part in Motorsport at local, inter-service, national and international levels. The sport consists of six disciplines, Motor Racing, Rallying, Karting, Motorcycle Road Racing, Motorcycle Trials and Motorcycle Motocross/Enduro. Motorsport can be an expensive activity to take on yourself and even though we have received funding from the RAF Sports Federation (RAFSF), many of our members rely on a sponsorship campaign to subsidise their costs. To help promote the sport and encourage sponsorship opportunities, the RAFSF supports our need for a web presence by providing a personalised website. Hosting our own separate site would require additional funds and time-consuming maintenance which could be better focused on the delivery of the sport and improved signposting for sponsors and personnel. The RAFSF also provides a range of resources including sponsorship templates.”