Sport, adventure and physical activity is a crucial component in developing RAF personnel into a world-leading fighting force. But for personnel to reach their potential, they must participate in the right environment. The RAF Sports Federation is central to providing that environment.

Our unique team support trustees and volunteers from across the 49 associations, providing clear advice, resources, funding and skills. That support enables associations to provide outstanding opportunities for sporting excellence across the service.

Working alongside our partners in RAF Sport, we deliver a range of professional services to help ensure those 49 sports associations can focus on that core purpose. We provide services in:

  • Finance

  • Charity Governance

  • Human resources and education
  • Legal
  • Impact and income generation
  • Communications and advocacy

These services bring significant direct benefits to volunteers and/or trustees in the associations; but it’s more than that. Associations trust our experienced staff’s advice and insight. Our transparent and friendly approach constantly reassures volunteers they can contact our staff for a range of challenges including the simplest of questions.

We are proud that from the smallest association to the largest, we are there to help ensure the RAF has a robust fighting force fit for the future.

For more insight on our and our partners in RAF Sport, please click on the animation below.