“The RAFMSA has been active since 1961 and encourages participants to take part in Motorsport at local, inter-service, national and international levels. The sport consists of six disciplines, Motor Racing, Rallying, Karting, Motorcycle Road Racing, Motorcycle Trials and Motorcycle Motocross/Enduro.

Motorsport can be an expensive activity to take on yourself and even though we have received funding from the RAF Sports Federation (RAFSF), many of our members rely on a sponsorship campaign to subsidise their costs.

To help promote the sport and encourage sponsorship opportunities, the RAFSF supports our need for a web presence by providing a personalised website. Hosting our own separate site would require additional funds and time-consuming maintenance which could be better focused on the delivery of the sport and improved signposting for sponsors and personnel.

The RAFSF also provides a range of resources including sponsorship templates.”