The RAF Sports Federation can trace its charitable lineage back almost to the formation of the Royal Air Force. The Royal Air Force Sports Board was established following the disbandment of the RAF Central Sports Fund and the RAF Officers’ Sports Funds in 1921 when the funds released were invested in the Air Council Central Fund Sports Board. The Sports Board was reconstituted in 1948 before being amalgamated into the RAF Central Fund in 1964.

A fundamental review of the operations and corporate governance of the RAF Central Fund was carried out in 2013 and on 1 March 2014 following Charity Commission approval, all activities, employees, assets and liabilities within the unincorporated RAF Central Fund, which did not relate to sport, were transferred to a newly incorporated charity ‘The Royal Air Force Central Fund’. The sporting activities undertaken under the management of the RAF Sports Board, having been identified as sufficiently diverse to the Fund’s other core activities, were retained within the existing charity under the new name of ‘The Royal Air Force Sports Board’. The Board of Trustees took the decision to incorporate and in July 2016 the Charity Commission approved the registration of the RAF Sports Federation as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Role of Honour

2018 RAF Mens Senior Hockey Team

2017 RAF Ladies Alpine Ski Team

2016 RAF Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge

2015 RAF Rugby Union Senior Men

2014 RAF Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge

2013 RAF Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge

2012 RAF Athletics 2011 RAF Football

2010 RAF Men’s Fencing

2018 SAC N Marsh

2017 Corporal A Cokayne

2016 Senior Aircraftsman S Williams

2015 Squadron Leader J Cawthray

2014 Flying Officer A Bagshaw

2013 Flight Lieutenant A Wise

2012 Corporal N Davies

2011 Flight Lieutenant R Cadman

2010 Warrant Officer B Childs

2018 Corporal J McNally

2017 Senior Aircraftsman L Sanford

2016 Squadron Leader C Gosling-Evans

2015 Flight Sergeant K Johnston

2014 Sergeant S Benson

2012 Senior Aircraftsman L Keeble

2011 Corporal S Benson

2010 Corporal S Taylor

2018 Chf Tech S Perry

2018 FS F Harris

2018 Warrant Officer P Shanks

2017 Squadron Leader S Smithson

2017 Squadron Ldr P Wyatt

2017 Chf Tech G Lees

2016 Wing Commander A Green

2015 Wing Commander S Ryles

2015 FS M Lane

2014 Wing Commander M Martin

2014 Wing Commander G Liston

2014 Mr A McAllister

2013 Wing Commander R Greenhall (Ret’d)

2012 Wing Commander A Johnstone

2012 Warrant Officer B Childs

2012 Sergeant Donoghue

2011 Wing Commander T Hill

2010 Squadron Leader D Gange

2010 Flight Lieutenant D Calvert

2018 Squadron  Leader K Sharman

2017 Wing Commander A Houghton

2016 Sergeant A King

2015 Flight Sergeant P Wilson

2014 Flight Lieutenant M Buckley

2013 Flight Lieutenant M Masters

2012 Flight Lieutenant M Masters

2011 Chief Technician P Hornby

2010 Squadron Leader R Morley

2018 Wing Commander N Robson

2017 Flight Sergeant N Lashbrook

2016 Sergeant A McDermott

2015 Flight Lieutenant D Mortimer

2014 Wing Commander I Richardson

2015 Mr G Benger

2015 Flight Lieutenant T Dunlop

2014 Mr S Parlor

2014 Group Captain (Retired) I Atkinson

2013 Warrant Officer Stead

2011 Mr Steve Parlor

2010 RAF Safety Boat Team

2018 RAF Athletics

2018 RAF Football

2018 RAF Orienteering Baton Relay

2016 RAF Sports Awards

2017 RAF Sports Awards

2015 RAF Bobsleigh

2012 RAF Football

2011 Combined Services Powerlifting

2008 Combined Services Rugby League

2006 RAF Table Tennis

1998 Combined Servcies Bobsleigh

1997 RAF Marathon

1994 RAF Women’s Swimming

1993 RAF Wild Water Racing Canoe

1991 RAF Cross Country

1989 Combined Services Football

1988 RAF Badminton

2015 Squadron Leader J A Cawthray

Armed Forces Sports Awards 2016
The Armed Forces Sports Awards were held at the RAF Club, London on 1st March 2016. The awards were presented by Matt Dawson MBE who himself is sporting royalty.
Image By: Corporal Ben Tritta
1 March 2016

2008 Corporal A Thomas

2004 Sergeant A Nex

2001 Flight Lieutenant A Coomber

1999 Corporal K Martin

1998 Flying Officer L Newcombe

1995 Senior Aircraftsman Donaldson

1995 Senior Aircraftsman Davidson

1986 Corporal Baptiste

2007 Sergeant J Willacy

2006 Flying Officer R Cruickshank

2003 Squadron Leader R Rawes

2002 Wing Commander D Calvert

2000 Junior Technician G Blackley

1997 Corporal M Saunders

1996 Sergeant M Proctor

1993 Flight Lieutenant Spiller

1987 Flight Lieutenant R Underwood

2015 Flying Officer D Calvert

2013 Flight Lieutenant M Masters

2010 Squadron Leader R Morley

2005 Flight Sergeant D Clayton

2002 Corporal Drysdale

2019 – Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Wigston CBE ADC

2016-2019 Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier KCB CBE DFC ADC MA RAF

2013-2016 Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB CBE ADC RAF

2009-2013 Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton KCB ADC BSc FRAeS CCMMI

2006-2009 Air Chief Marshal Sir Glen Torpy KCB CBE DSO ADC BSc(Eng) FRAeS RAF

2004-2006 Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup KCB AFC ADC FCMI FRAeS RAF

2000-2004 Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire KCB DFC AFC ADC FRAeS RAF

1997-2000 Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns GCB CBE LVO ADC

1996-1997 Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon GCB CBE ADC FRAeS

1995-1996 Air Marshal D Cousins CB AFC BA RAF

1994-1995 Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Wilson KCB AFC ADC

1992-1994 Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon GCB CBE ADC FRAeS

1988-1992 Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Harding GCB ADC FRAeS

1985-1988 Air Chief Marshal Sir David Craig GCB OBE ADC

1982-1985 Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Williamson GCB AFC ADC

1977-1982 Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Beetham KCB CBE DFC AFC ADC

1976-1977 Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil Cameron GCB CBE DSO DFC ADC

1974-1976 Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Humphrey GCB CBE DSO DFC ADC

1971-1974 Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Spotswood GCB CBE DSO DFC

1967-1971 Air Chief Marshal Sir John Grandy GCB KBE DSO

1964-1967 Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Elworthy GCB CBE DSO MVO DRC AFC MA

1960-1963 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Thomas G Pike GCB CBE DFC

1956-1959 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Dermot A Boyle GCB KCVO KBE AFC

1953-1955 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir William F Dickson GCB KBE DSO AFC

1950-1952 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John C Slessor GCB DSO MC

1946-1949 Marshal of the Royal Air Force The Lord Tedder GCB

1940-1945 Marshal of the Royal Air Force The Viscount Portal of Hungerford GCB OM DSO MC

1937-1940 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Cyril L N Newall GCB OM GCMG CBE AM

1933-1937 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Edward Ellington GCB CMG CBE

1930-1933 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Salmond GCB CMG CVO DSO

1919-1929 Marshal of the Royal Air Force The Viscount Trenchard GCB OM GCVO DSO

1990-1991 Air Commodore G R Pengelly

1977-1989 Air Commodore PHL Scott AFC

1967-1977 Air Commodore A C Deere DSO OBE DFC

1962-1967 Group Captain C L Troop CBE

1946-1961 Wing Commander J Lawson OBE

1946-1954 Wing Commander A F Ingram

1943-1946 Wing Commander J Lawson OBE

1941-1943 Wing Commander W S Dailey

1923-1941 Wing Commander W G P Young

1921-1923 Flying Officer D F Cox

2009-2015 Air Commodore B.P Doggett

2001-2009 Air Vice Marshal C Davison MBE DPhysEd FIMgt

1994-2001 Air Vice Marshal R J Honey CB CBE FIPM

1991-1994 Air Commodore G R Pengelly

2004-2014 Group Captain I C Atkinson BSc DLUT Ceng FIMech E FRAeS

1994-2004 Group Captain P M Hall BA

1980-1994 Group Captain M Short MBE AFC

1971-1980 Group Captain A V Plowright

1963-1971 Group Captain E A Biddle

2020 – Air Commodore R Fogden

2015-2020 Air Commodore R W La Forte CBE MA BA RAF

2021 – Mr C Whitton

2016-2020 Group Captain R Fogden

2015-2016 Wing Commander W J Morley