Well, what a weekend for the RAF Champs! The organising committee, headed by Wg Cdr Russ Gleeson pulled off a brilliant weekend. Claire Tapp did an incredible job of dealing with entries and withdrawals, and all of the results that were collated by Suzie Whaites and Rosie Rosier. Jess Hall ran everything so smoothly with the aid of the Cranwell saddle club and committee.

Lots of saddle club entries and hirelings resulted in a big haul of RAF rossettes. The grassroots competition and competitors could be heard all around Cranwell with cheering and applause for all service riders. There was a fantastic team spirit, representing what the sport is all about. Moreover,  it’s not easy dealing with another brain and 4 legs when this may be your first time in a competitive environment!

The Loriners competition was fierce, all competitors were on top form and ready for the challenge. There were the usual dramas and elation but this time at RAF Cranwell on home turf in our 100th year, the RAF came out fighting and out on top for a birthday win for the RAF team! However, the Army took the title for 2018 Loriners overall, with the RAF in 2nd and Navy 3rd. They as usual, played really well and had a cracking team of entries, giving everyone a run for their money and coming away with some of the biggest titles. The Navy contingent showed pure commitment to their sport and team, with several members travelling from Ireland with their horses on ferries, lorries, trailers. They came away from the Champs with a massive haul of rossettes, well deserved! For the RAF – the SC teams, Development Squad and the Senior Squad showed even more tenacity than last year and it looks like we have a very strong RAFEA going into next year 

Next up is Somerford Park in October and then Olympia in December.

Thanks George Parish for providing us with these photos!