There has been a lot of action and drama at the IS Table Tennis Championships this week. The Championships have been hosted by HMS Temerare, Portsmouth this year with a very professional tournament arranged by Steve Smith (professional TT referee) and Daren Godden (Navy coordinator).

The RAF entered and then proceeded to win every tournament – was this a fluke…absolutely not! A team of dedicated, hard working, committed individuals make up the players, officials and coaches that any sport would be proud to have within their association.

This was a tournament to really make everyone very proud!

At the tender age of 49, Tony Stead beat the Army number 1 in a 5 set thriller in the men’s singles which had the crowd on their feet and was one of the highlights of the Inter Services. He had every one of his RAF players and friends congratulate him and we don’t think he’s stopped smiling yet!

If you would like to get involved with this fantastic association, get in touch with us here at the Federation.