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Making the numbers add up

We’re aiming for  a truly federated structure to manage RAF Sport with the RAF SF CIO acting as the umbrella for all of the RAF Sports Association individual charities. The major benefit of that structure is that we are able to offer full book keeping and accountancy services to all of the sports, including the payment of bills right through to the production of the accounts required by the Charity Commission. In effect we currently manage the finances for 46 individual charities and liaise directly with all of the association volunteer treasurers.

Getting it right

Assisting the volunteer cadre of RAF Service personnel with running their charities requires governance and legal support. With significant experience of operating in the charity, sports and finance sectors, the trustees and executive team are able to assist association trustees with any governance queries. We may not always have the answers directly, but we maintain a network of organisations close to our business to ensure we have access to the right people, in the right place at the right time. We don’t pretend to be lawyers and instead ensure that we get the right advice for our association volunteers through Stone King who have partners experienced in the charity law sector.

Creating winners

We provide grants to associations for capital expenditure and for sports equipment. More details regarding how the application process works are contained within the group policies and on our Grant Funding page.

Making the difference

Making sure that a sponsorship agreement is in place is an important part of any arrangements between a sponsoring company and an RAF Sports Association. We are able to help with those arrangements and have a whole section on the process in our group policies. Thank you to all of our current sponsors on behalf of the associations you support.  If you would like to help sponsor RAF Sport please contact us using the contact form below.

Working in partnership

We provide assistance to associations establish formal contract agreements for coaching, facility hire and other agreements.  We also run the RAF Sports Clothing contract with Gilmour Sports.

Always innovating

We are able to host a website page for all of the RAF Sports Associations and can also provide email addresses to help volunteers separate their sporting email from their home or work addresses. Not yet using your dedicated RAF Sports Federation email address? Contact us to find out how.

Investing in the future

The Federation is running centralised training for those areas that cut across all of the sports associations. At the moment that has included trustee and first aid training, but in the future we are looking to run generic UKCC coaching modules. For the latest course dates keep an eye on this section.

We’ve got it covered

One of the many focuses of the RAF Sports Federation is to ensure each sports association has the appropriate insurance in place for the activities they carry out, whilst getting value for money.

Anyone taking part in sport should think about the insurance cover they need for themselves, spectators and equipment should an accident, theft or any other loss occur.

Our umbrella policy, currently held with Insignia Underwriting, runs from 27th April – 26th April. For details on your associations level of cover, or if you would like to discuss insurance for your sports association, please contact us.


Keeping you in touch

We know how busy the association volunteers are so we make sure we keep them up to date with all relevant changes in the sports and charitable governance landscapes.  To do that we maintain numerous alliances with organisations like the Sports and Recreation Alliance, The Governance Institute, the Confederation of Service Charities and The Family of RAF Charities.