Our unique team support trustees and volunteers from across the 49 associations, providing clear advice, resources, funding and skills. That support enables volunteers to focus on providing opportunities for sporting excellence across the service. In that way, RAF personnel receive the best possible chance for development and enjoyment.

We provide professional advice and support across six service sectors:

We provide a comprehensive range of financial services to sports associations, taking away a lot of the pressure of running the charity itself. These valued services include bookkeeping, the payment of bills right through to the production of the accounts required by the Charity Commission.

Our qualified team currently manage the finances for the vast majority of sports associations and work directly with all of the associations’ volunteer treasurers.

Our financial management services include:

  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Full bookkeeping services
  • Financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Tax advice
  • Financial control checks
  • Grant financial administration and oversight
  • Federation procurement
  • Insurance management
  • Trustees annual reports drafting and compliance

We have significant experience of operating in the charity, sports and finance sectors. Our trustees and in-house team assist association volunteers with all governance queries, whether it’s the protection of trustees with incorporation or a sounding board on strategic development.

While we may not always have the answers directly, we maintain a network of organisations close to our business to ensure we have access to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Our charity governance service include:

  • Code of governance checks
  • Strategy development
  • Risk management advice
  • Independent examinations and inspection
  • Charity policy review, challenge and recommendation.

Very few volunteers have knowledge, insight or understanding of the legal necessities of running a charity. For many, this can include signing property leases, ensuring events are insured appropriately and avoiding potential litigious situations.

Importantly, many of those legal situations also impact significantly on charity governance, finance and human resources across the charity sector.

Our team has many years’ experience of working with the legal profession to support sports associations on situations such as these. While we do not retain legal professionals in-house, we have trusted legal partners that have in-depth understanding of the RAF and sports delivery in the services.

Our legal services include:

  • Constitution review and toolkit implementation
  • Organisational status inc. incorporation
  • Legal advice including third-party signposting
  • Lease advice and management
  • Charity law insight and advice

Increasing income often relies on proving the effectiveness and impact of the respective sports association.

We know that sport can have a fundamental impact on the health and wellbeing of society, not just service people. However, some sports associations have difficulty finding the evidence of their impact and in communicating it. This is not uncommon across smaller charities.

Our team works closely with volunteers to help them understand where income/funding can be obtained, what impact looks like and how it can be evidenced.

Our impact and income generation services include:

  • Fundraising advice and lead development
  • Sponsorship and grant funding development
  • Sponsorship agreement facilitation and management
  • Impact analysis and planning

Communication and advocacy are crucial to the life of a charity. Charities need to communicate to attract funding, increase participation and/or raise awareness of their organisation. The challenge is that many charities either don’t know how to or don’t have time to do it.

The Federation provides a wide range of support for sports associations to help communication to a range of audiences. Our staff will work with volunteers to inform and education them on how to make the most of their communications. These can include development of their website, managing social media or reaching out to stakeholders.

We also dedicate specific time to advocating on behalf of the sports associations, raising awareness of RAF sport and sporting activity within the service. By reaching out to potential funders and other interested parties, the RAF Sports Federation help keep the profile of the associations high and raise awareness of their impact.

Our communications and advocacy services include:

  • Hosting sports associations websites
  • Social media training
  • Communications planning and strategy
  • Hosting of email services
  • Hands on communications support

Human resources and education can often be an after-thought for many small charities, only coming to mind when an incident occurs such as IR35 legislation. For that reason, the RAF Sports Federation works closely with many sports associations to ensure they meet their HR obligations and avoid any costly mistakes.

It is also important that volunteers continue to develop and learn in the service. We want those volunteers working with us to take away skills they can use both within the service and beyond. For that reason, we have a programme of volunteer education, focusing on key aspects of running a charity such as finance and being a trustee. We also continue to listen to volunteers on what skills would be beneficial so we can provide greater support.


Our human resources and education services include:

  • HR policy guidance and review
  • Drafting and guidance on employment contracts
  • Drafting and guidance on contractors’ contracts
  • Contractor advice and support
  • IR35 advice
  • Safeguarding guidance
  • GDPR advice
  • Compliance reviews and support
  • Education in charity finance training, communications, financial governance and trustee induction.