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The RAF Basketball Association (RAFBBA) is managed by a committee of currently serving volunteers who work on behalf of the RAF Sports Federation to promote basketball within the RAF. The committee is responsible for the development of the sport and the management of tournaments within the RAF, against other UK Services and overseas nations. Sport is an integral part of the RAF ethos, and the fulfilment of the sporting expectations and activities of RAF personnel remains a significant retention and recruitment factor.

Basketball is a fast-moving game which requires great agility and teamwork and whilst it is a small sport in the UK, it is growing, especially within youth cultures. We have an ‘RAF Basketball’ group on Facebook where members and supporters can network socially or you could follow what’s going on through Twitter at @rafbasketball.



Squadron Leader Paul Wyatt

Squadron Leader Simon Twigger

Flight Lieutenant Collette Knill

Email: info.basketball@rafsportsfederation.uk


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