Message from the Chairman:

It is a privilege to serve as Chairman of the Royal Air Force Cricket Association and be part of team that provides opportunities for our people to play sport and thus contribute fully to the generation of combat capability and warrior spirit in the RAF Whole Force.

CAS’s strategy for the RAF is very clear: Focus on our people; Deliver on operations; Grow our front-line.  Mine for the Royal Air Force Cricket Association mirrors this and is equally clear: Invest in our Association; Deliver on the pitch; Grow the cricketing cadre.

I will realise this strategy by providing opportunities on and off the pitch, throughout the year for our three representative sides.  This will increase the standard of cricket within the RAF, allowing us to realise our tournament winning ambitions.  Finally, by providing the opportunity, with chain of command support, to play competitive cricket, tour overseas and most importantly to enjoy playing cricket I will seek to grow the RAF’s cricketing cohort.  These cricketers will, at all times, act as ambassadors for our Service and be positive role models to their peers.  I will actively seek opportunities to use cricket to support the RAF’s international, BAME and equality strategies.

To do this I am grateful for the enduring support and sacrifice of the administrators, of our sponsors without whom we would not be financially viable, and the players themselves.  All of whom make sacrifices to make RAF Cricket the vibrant and thriving Association that it is – I am deeply grateful.




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