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Welcome to this new RAFGA Website. For those if you who were familiar with our old site we were required to make some changes to comply with new policy and therefore, we have taken this opportunity to improve and simplify our message. On this site you will find a summary of recent events as well as links to important information such as how to register, update your membership details and enter RAFGA events via Pay Subs On-Line (PSOL).

As Chairman of the RAFGA I remain committed to providing excellent golfing opportunities for all serving personnel, regardless of standard. Your Executive Committee continues to plan and run a full fixture programme including development days, competitions and matches. However, this does come at a cost. While we will aim to keep individual costs to a minimum, we take the approach, backed by the Golf OICs, to play golf on good quality courses. We also work closely with the Central Fund, the Sports Federation and the Director of RAF Sport to seek their support for these events. You can help the cause by ensuring that you have entered on-line for the RAF Sports Lottery. We also thank our sponsors for their valuable contributions.

If you are interested becoming involved in the RAFGA please get in contact with any of the Executive Committee members. I wish you a successful golfing season.

Gp Capt ‘Q’ Dixon, Chairman RAFGA


Chairman – Wg Cdr Jason Parr

Director of Golf – Sqn Ldr Paul Mardon

Comms – WO Martyn ‘Budgie’ Dove

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