To encourage grassroots players, the RAFIHA created the Learn To Play (LTP) training camp which is scheduled on several occasions throughout the year at the Telford ice rink. LTP allows grassroots personnel to receive focused coaching over a 3-day period, cumulating in a full game allowing personnel to practice what they have learnt. These camps provide individuals with the opportunity to try ice hockey and ascertain whether they wish to train with one of the regional teams and aspire to play for the RAF Aces or the all-women’s RAF Pumas team.

RAF ice hockey is about teamwork, resilience, mental well-being and professionalism, but fundamental it is about the bringing together of personnel who have a common passion for chasing a puck around the ice and having fun.

To register your interest please complete the form below to allow for the organiser to distribute admin orders. Please ensure you monitor the RAFIHA and LTP facebook news feeds for updates on scheduled LTP events. Any questions please contact the LTP email address in the contacts.

To all aspiring players, to assist you at the start of your ice hockey journey whether it is how to skate, stick handle, shoot, please utilise the youtube hockey tutorial videos found in the links.

Register your interest by completing the below application form:

LTP Training Camp Registration Form


CHAIRMAN: Wg Cdr Justin Blackie


LEARN TO PLAY : Chf Tech Jennie Anstey


The Teams:

The Teams:

If you are interested in joining one of the regional teams, you can find the RAF Vulcans at Cambridge Ice Arena, RAF Bluewings at Oxford Ice Rink, Cosford Stars at Telford Ice Arena, RAF Blackhawks in the Leeming area and the RAF Lossie Jets at Elgin Ice Rink. If you require further information then visit each teams social media, send a message, then join us on the ice!