Covering all 4-wheeled motor racing on circuits and hill climbs, with the exception of karting and rallying, the majority of competitors compete in the Armed Forces Race Challenge where they compete against the Army and Royal Navy for the drivers championship trophy. Other competitors are competing in local and national hill climbs and sprints (races against the clock) and also civilian motor racing championships.

Vehicle Types and Discipline Variety

Most production saloon cars modified for racing but some sports cars are raced by members of the team. Minimum safety related modifications to the cars are the safety roll cage, race seat, safety harness, electric isolator and plumbed in fire suppression system

Circuit racing: The maximum number of laps are completed in a given time or distance, the person with the quickest time to complete that number of laps wins. With the exception of consistency races (such as AFRC) where the driver is awarded points based on their consistency. 

Sprint Racing: A single car vs the clock. These can serve as the cheapest way into motor racing where a competitor can enter a completely standard road car.

Hill climb racing: similar to sprint racing but held on hills. The start is at the bottom, finish at the top. 



Competition Secretary:

Sgt Chris Slator


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