The RAF Rowing Association (RAFRA) has been in existence for over 70 years and from the 1950s when an RAF crew won at Henley Royal Regatta to 2013 when the RAF VIII won the Inter Services Race, the club has competed at the highest level. From novice rowers to those with many years experience, the determination to succeed shown by all the crews when representing the Service, or training on the river, underpins the Royal Air Force’s underlying commitment to team before self, to sport and fitness and to having fun! Rowing is a true team sport, with up to eight rowers making up a crew, rowing together with enthusiasm, drive and spirit, motivated by the desire to fulfil their true potential, to have fun and to share their enjoyment for the sport.

The Royal Air Force needs mentally and physically able people and the Rowing Club members benefit and contribute to the development of such fitness in a challenging but enjoyable way. The self-discipline and fitness gained from the club’s activities directly benefits the creation of a cohesive force capable of contributing successfully to the delivery of air power as part of the United Kingdom’s security and defence policy.

Whether you are contemplating joining the Royal Air Force or are already a serving member, I hope this website inspires you to fulfill your potential and achieve your sporting goals. If you are a serving member, the Royal Air Force Rowing Club is ready to welcome you to the sport and I encourage you to make contact with the team to start the challenge of learning one of the most fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable team sports that the Royal Air Force has to offer.

To see how the RAF Rowing Association embarked on the British Rowing Level 2 Club Coaching course, see their report here:


Chairman: Jo Field

Secretary: Sally  Tippett