The RAF Sport Parachuting Association exists to develop the skills of serving sport parachutists within the RAF. RAFSPA teams regularly perform at a competitive level in a number of modern skydiving disciplines including Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting, Wingsuiting, Freefly and Freestyle. A number of RAFSPA teams have won Gold Medals for their performances at the British National Championships and a handful of members have performed at the World Championships for Team GB.

Within the association are a number of coaches from each discipline. RAFSPA regularly hold development days at our Home for Sport, RAF Weston on the Green. These development days offer coaching and team training to members. RAFSPA also offers kit rental in order to aid progression for skydivers who are yet to buy their own equipment.

There are a number of ways to become a skydiver and get the most out of RAFSPA. One popular method is to apply for a JSAT course at RAF Weston on the Green, JSPW Netheravon or JSPW Cyprus. Alternatively, a skydiving license can be achieved at many of the civilian Drop Zones scattered throughout the UK. Contact the RAFSPA Sec for more information.